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LMC Group is a Customer Experience Marketing firm (CXM), based in Portland, Maine.  We believe the most valuable asset of a successful business are loyal customers.  We help our clients build strong customer relationships and enable them gain the competitive advantage needed to be successful. Through a cohesive Marketing strategy that employs social listening tools and online surveys, our clients are able to identify, listen to, segment, and effectively engage with their target market to increase brand exposure and drive revenue.


We deliver continuous customer feedback solutions and in-depth independent customer surveys.  Some of our processes at times may reflect the principles of the Net Promoters SystemTM.  We use the survey and feedback results to create strategies and management plans that deliver the single online communications voice. We combine reputation management, social media, email marketing, loyalty rewards programs, website development and management; search engine optimization, online hiring, and learning management, to further engage the customer.  Our goal is to provide the right combination of solutions to meet the individual unique needs of each client.

We strengthen and consistently deliver a responsive and single voice to your market for your brand.  We deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients.  Services are delivered through the LMC team utilizing proprietary technologies and pre-qualified industry leading third-party partners.  Clients receive a dedicated client manager, bundled service discounts, and an integrated and comprehensive strategy with deliverables and measureable results.  Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs, goals, and budget of the individual client.

 Call LMC Group when you want to:

  • increase customer engagement and lifetime value
  • generate more unbiased feedback and customer intelligence
  • implement a reputation management program
  • create and enhance a single online brand and voice.
  • leverage the experience and resources of industry leaders
  • utilize internal resources more efficiently

 What makes LMC Group unique:

  • We focus on fulfilling the unique needs of the individual client.
  • We take the time to know our clients’ objectives and challenges, the implications, and needs.
  • We provide honest answers and deliverable results.  We choose to partner with the best solutions providers and integrate and manage what they do, to create a single brand voice to the customer.
  • Our business model provides the best solutions possible, through a single account relationship.  LMC Group provides superior value and flexibility to adapt to changes in the business or technology, over other providers, or the use of internal staff.

LMC Leadership:


Bruce Wildes, CEO (Customer Experience Officer) has more than 25 years experience creating successful start-ups and turnarounds.  He has done this in both grassroots organizations and within Fortune 100 companies, always focusing on the customer experience.  “The key to success has always been to consistently communicate, manage, and exceed expectations both within internal staff and third party partners, while also within each client relationship.”








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